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I’d like to thank all those who helped or inspired me in some way throughout the life of this project from its very beginnings: Special thanks goes to Oliver Holtaway for his help with the original statistical modelling & scoring. He helped me make sense of my idea, and encouraged me to pursue it.

A special thanks to Edward Anderson for drafting, editing and proof reading. Thanks to Paul Simpson & Tim Crow for wise advice.

Loads of people in football have encouraged my work with Think Fan Engagement, and I can’t name them all. So this is a thank-you to all of you who’ve given me good advice and the encouragement I needed at times. I hope this helps to justify all the effort you put in to doing things the right way.

Thanks finally to my other half and son for putting up with me whilst I compiled this labour of love. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Kevin Rye

Think Fan Engagement

May 2021