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Swindon Town – Advisory Board minutes

We don’t need to tell Swindon Town how far they’ve come since their takeover in 2021. The distance the club has come in that time is phenomenal.

From being the bottom of the Fan Engagement Index, to now being one of the biggest improvers, the club has gone from being one of the basket cases in English football, to one of the exemplars.

Credit is due not just to Clem Morfuni, the owner, Rob Angus (CEO) and his colleagues working tirelessly at the club. Trust STFC, the supporters’ trust deserve huge credit too. They and the club have even co-bought the stadium from the council – something the trust wanted to do for years.

One of the things they’ve done that all good clubs do, is to throw the shutters open and let in daylight: transparency, with proper measures to ensure information and decisions is also easily understood, are what is making things different at the club.

One of the ways they’ve done this is via the new Advisory Board, which in itself is a great thing. But what we really love is how they explain things to people. Their Advisory Board minutes have lots of useful information, but critically, laid out in a way that people can easily the track the progress of issues, like Diversity and Inclusion, new website, and yes, Fan Engagement!



If you’d like a chat with someone there, drop them a line or we can put you in touch ourselves.