Think Fan Engagement launch first Rugby League Fans Survey

Think Fan Engagement has launched their first Rugby League Fans Survey.

The survey is aimed at fans of English and Welsh clubs in Super League, Championship and League One, and is looking to understand how fans of those clubs feel about how clubs and the governing bodies, engage with their fans, and consult on a range of issues including ‘rebranding’ and name changes.

Kevin Rye, Founder and Director of Think Fan Engagement, commented:

“Rugby League is an important sport in the country’s life, and has passionate followers who are dedicated to the sport and to their clubs. In the year of the Rugby League World Cup, I think it’s a good moment to start trying to understand more about the views of those fans – particularly on issues like rebranding and identity changes to clubs, and how much they feel listened to.

“It’s vitally important that the role of fans in sustaining their sport is better recognised, and better understood. I’m really excited at the launch of the survey, and I urge as many fans to take part as possible.”

The survey applies only to supporters of English and Welsh clubs competing in Super League, RFL Championship and RFL League One. We are undertaking this research independent of any company or organisation, including The RFL, Super League or any commercial partners.

NB: We are not seeking responses from fans of the two French clubs (Catalan Dragons and Toulouse Olympique) who play in Super League and Championship respectively. This is because our research is currently confined to fans of English and Welsh clubs only.

If you would like to contact Think Fan Engagement, please email

You can take the survey below, or via

3 thoughts on “Think Fan Engagement launch first Rugby League Fans Survey

  1. I have taken part in this survey although I don’t currently attend games. I’ve watched the London Rugby League team at Fulham, Crystal Palace, Barnet, The Stoop, Charlton and Brentford over many years. But the clubs attitude that supporters are irrelevant and apparently a nuisance has driven me away

    1. Thanks for the response Pat, and for completing the survey. I hope you left your details to be contacted in the future, because it’ll be interesting to get more feedback from you. Cheers.

  2. The sport of RL needs to be marketed much, much better than it currently is or has been for many years, for example why is it called Super League? Surely Rugby League should be in there somewhere. Some grounds have still not changed in over 50 years how can that help promote the sport? The commentators and analysts on Sky Sports all need to improve or be replaced, for example it is embarrassing to hear one analyst consistently call Wigan as Wiggin. Let’s have leagues where you only play the other teams twice a season (home & away) with the exception of maybe the magic weekend ideally 13 or 14 teams in SL. To many rule changes are made. Teams playing in there 2nd or 3rd strips when there is no colour clash with their opponents

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