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Industry experts: ‘Premier League Fan Engagement proposals must result in genuine change’

“Clubs must be more like Brighton & Hove Albion, Norwich City Fulham & Leicester City”, says publishers of the Fan Engagement Index

Think Fan Engagement (TFE), the publishers of the annual Fan Engagement Index, have responded to the Premier League’s announcement of a new ‘Fan Engagement Standard’ today (9th June).

Director of TFE Kevin Rye said:

“First of all it’s important to welcome proposals like the ones agreed on today by Premier League member clubs. Whatever the motivation behind them, they appear at this stage to involve substantial ideas such as strategic-level engagement with fans through advisory boards and board-level responsibility for Fan Engagement.” 

“Current and former Premier League clubs including Leicester City, Norwich City, Brighton and Hove Albion and Fulham, already show us how Fan Engagement can become more woven into the culture of a club, but this isn’t yet the standard, and it needs to be. These proposals appear to recognise that, and that is welcome. 

“I created the Fan Engagement Index for three reasons: first, to provide a way for clubs to understand how good each club in English football actually is at Fan Engagement, using a set of fair and unambiguous criteria; the second was to identify and encourage good people doing the right things at their clubs, to help drive improvements across the industry; and the final and most important reason of all: to ensure an actual culture change where Fan Engagement is a central concern at the strategic level of each and every club, in the same way any other critical part of the business is, from transfer policy to community programmes. 

“The ultimate test will be if these proposals meet that final objective. I look forward to seeing positive progress towards it.”


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