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Fulham: How an MOU creates certainty between trust & club

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Fulham Supporters Trust and Fulham FC is an example of a relationship between fan representatives and a football club that has grown and matured as time has gone on. What is important with such relationships is that though they should be conducted in a formalised manner to ensure consistency, there may be occasion to change, tweak or even improve them markedly.

In 2017, three years after the trust and club began meeting (at the instigation of CEO Alistair Mackintosh), they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This is an agreement that creates greater certainty in how the relationship functions – frequency being one. What is crucial here is that the club and trust have stuck by the terms of the agreement, both benefiting from it: the club because they have a formal channel of communication and engagement; the trust because it helps fulfil a key aim of representing the views and interests of fans as a collective group, directly to the club.

You can read more about the agreement on the FST website or watch the video with FST director Dan Crawford (below).

You might also want to read the case study about Norwich City to see how a properly structured relationship works more generally, and benefits the club at all levels.

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