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Luton Town & Portsmouth: right of veto

Luton Town and Portsmouth both have agreed not to make changes to the ‘patrimony’ of the clubs (badge, colours, moving stadium) which are enforced through an agreement with the supporters’ trust at each club.

Both Luton Town and Portsmouth have legally enforceable agreements meaning that in the case of Luton Town, ‘the supporters’ trust will be given the final say over amendments to the club’s name, nickname, kit colours, crest or mascot.’ Portsmouth Supporters Trust have a slightly more expansive agreement that gives the supporters’ trust a formal way of providing input into more general club matters, helping to reinforce the dialogue that takes place across the club at Pompey – a consistent performer over the two years of the Index when it comes overall score.

We aren’t yet in receipt of either agreements, nor their precise structure, but hope to be able to include that soon.

If you’d like a chat with someone there, drop them a line or we can put you in touch ourselves.